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2022.01.27 09:36 Ok-Philosopher-8105 Help me build a rutine for me. Also, any advise for a beginner

I wan't to get fit. I feel like I'm too skinny and want to change that.
I don't really want to be strongest guy, I just want a more balanced and respectable body.
I want to work on: building muscle on bicep, having more marked abs and reducing fat on my tights.
I haven't exercise in a while, and never did it regularly.
I can go to the gym 3-4 times a week and can do exercises at home daily (I don't have any equipment tho, maybe I'll get some dumbbells).
I don't want to speed-run the process, I want to incorporate exercising to my daily life but I would like to get some results by my 3rd or 4rd month.
If you have any rutines, advices, exercises, diet, or something that could help me achieve my goal with all the info I stated, it would help me out a lot! Here are some data that might help
I'm male and 19
I weight 56 kg (less than125 pounds)
My height is 5'8
I eat 2 times a day, some days more depending on how hungry I feel. I eat relatively healthy and only eat fast food/junk food maybe 1 pre 2 weeks.
I don't smoke or drink
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東涌站Tung Chung Station http://isletforum.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=23714&pid=47726&page=1&extra=#pid47726 東涌站Tung Chung Station

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2022.01.27 09:36 1nf3rn06006 camelcrusher m1(?) issues

Just been transferring stuff from my old laptop onto this new macbook, and ran into an issue where camelcrusher is 'detached' and has no ui. It still affects the signal, and if I click around where the knobs *should* be, I can still affect them, but not being able to see the ui sucks.
On top of downloading it, I've also tried manually placing the fst files from my old laptop into the corresponding plugins folder, but everything has resulted in this.
Does anyone have any insight into what might be going on, or even some possible solutions? I'm assuming it could be something to do with rosetta/the m1 chip.
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2022.01.27 09:36 TwiggyStickGuy LF a Sur. Have a Lo and some other runes for trade.

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That’s all.
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2022.01.27 09:36 iamyois I just made 100% of the game a couple of hours ago, I'm in year 5 and my farm looks like year 1, I'm sooo bad at decorating,any advice?

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2022.01.27 09:35 ZealousidealBasil294 How do you translate a converted entity?

I’m making a sketch and I’m converting an entity from a sketch behind it onto the current sketch.
But then I need these converted entities to be translated so that they’re exactly the same but some distance from the original ones.
I tired offsetting but it doesn’t do what I want as it will mess arcs.
I tired ctrl-move, release ctrl, drop, but that doesn’t work either because it seems to lose its relationship to the entity in the original sketch.
What’s the canonical way of doing this in SW?
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2022.01.27 09:35 Key_Measurement986 Appreciation post - Childhood buddies

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2022.01.27 09:35 Sethsociety Top 5 Online Clothing Stores That Sell Hoodies – Seth Society

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2022.01.27 09:35 MoiraMae I’m just starting to get into selling my worn panties and other items! Would love advice/insight from other sellers and buyers alike! I have QUESTIONS! AMA

Here are some questions I have:
Buyers: How long does one pair of undies usually last? Like how long does it stay “fresh?”
How much do the pictures matter? What poses do buyers want? Should they be professional quality or will a good quality selfie or cell phone picture work?
Do buyers in Reddit appreciate a niche? Some different non-sexual talent or hobby that makes a buyer stand out? Or is it mostly about the product?
What do you look at in a seller before you decide to buy? Posts? Active online? Other social media?
Sellers: I am in the USA, but I am wondering how many sellers send their products internationally.
How specific do your posts need to be or do buyers usually come to you w what they want?
Is it difficult to get buyers? Do you have to reach out or do they typically come to you once u post?
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2022.01.27 09:35 NoPhilosopher5643 Applying as an engineer UK

Hi guys, I’m about to start applying to join the merchant navy as an engineer, and I was wanting any tips or advice on the process, like what to include in the application and my CV? Any help would be much appreciated!
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2022.01.27 09:35 Alz_PC_Genius My wife baked these yesterday for a friend's baby shower.

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2022.01.27 09:35 Magmas Eternals Mini-Series Concept

The Eternals has been getting middling reviews at best. From everything I've seen, it seems to be a long, ambling and slow trek without much going for it and this is somewhat understandable: they're introducing 10 new characters, a whole exposition dump about Celestials and all that nonsense and, frankly, they are pretty lacking in terms of villains.
Now, I like to think of myself as being pretty good in terms of knowing my Marvel comics. I will admit that the more cosmic stuff is my weakest area (I prefer ground-level heroes, generally). However, the Eternals were the first characters I had never even heard of from the MCU. Everyone else I knew but the Eternals were mysteries to me and if I don't know them, the general public certainly won't.
All this is to say, I don't think a big exciting movie where they fight CGI monsters was what we needed for the Eternals. Instead, I think a mini-series could be very fun and even explain why they didn't do anything about Thanos and all that stuff. So, I'm going to give a rough outline of what my Eternals series would be.
And, just to make this clear, I have not watch Eternals. I wanted to write this as its own thing, rather than some sort of rewrite or anything. It's tangentially based on the movie and what I picked up about it, but I wanted it to stand on its own.
Episode 1 - Arrival Episode 1 would be the establishing episode. It's the early days of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We follow the second generation of Eternals to be deployed on Earth: Ikarus, Sersi, Kingo, Sprite and Makkari. As they land, they are welcomed by their precursors, Ajak, the leader of Earth's Eternals, Druig, Gilgamesh, Thena and Phastos. We get to know a bit about their abilities and personalities as they help and guide the Egyptian people and Ajak explains to the newcomers of the Eternals purpose: they were created by the Celestials, ancient beings who existed before the universe, to protect their assigned planet. We end the episode with a little bit of tension forming as the Egyptian people begin to worship the Eternals, with some accepting this worship while others attempt to reject the role of gods.
Episode 2 - Civilisation Many years have passed since the second generation of Eternals arrived. The group has split up to help manage the different civilisations they have come across. However, the sudden silence from Druig, who had taken on the Mayan civilisation in South America, had drawn them together again. Ajak, Ikarus, Gilgamesh, Thena and Sprite have made their way to South America in order to investigate. This episode is a mystery as they attempt to find Druig and his people. However, when they arrive, they find the Mayan civilisation has collapsed and Druig is nowhere to be found. They make their way through the rainforest, using their various abilities to try to discover what had happened and eventually find Druig in a cave, surrounded by bodies. He looks wild and Ajak tries speaking to him, but Druig attacks. Now we get a fight scene of Druig against all the other Eternals, the trick being that the other Eternals don't want to kill him. Instead, they want to restrain him for long enough for Sprite to put him to sleep. With Druig incapacitated, Ajak is worried. Druig had always been something of a pacifist, him attacking made no sense. There must be something else involved. End of episode.
Episode 3 - Deviance Even more years have passed and we're now firmly in the classical era. The Eternals are split in two as some reside around the Mediterranean while others have moved throughout Africa and Asia. Phastos, Gilgamesh, Kingo and Makkari meet up after all receiving a mysterious message from Thena. They are all called to Greece to meet with her and learn that she has been researching Druig's condition throughout the years since his sudden change. She claims that he suffers from a condition she calls Mahd Wy’ry, which she believes is a madness caused by overstimulation within the mind of an Eternal, caused by an excess of memories. She states that they are all at risk and wishes to find a way to prevent it from happening.
However the others soon discover that, in her attempts to find a cure, Thena has taken to human experimentation, leading to the existence of 'Deviants,' mutated humans with various abilities and horrific appearances. I'm thinking of classic mythological monsters and the like. The Eternals are shocked that Thena would turn on humanity like this and attempt to stop her experimentation, only to learn that she also suffers from Mahd Wy’ry. In despair, she frees her test subjects and breaks down, begging for the others to kill her. They refuse, imprisoning her alongside Druig.
Episode 4 - Loss This episode, we follow Sersi in Medieval Britain. She seems to serve as companion and advisor to the king, disguising her advanced knowledge as 'alchemy'. As she works, she meets the eyes of Sir Percy of Scandia. The two share a smile and the scene transitions to Sir Percy and Sersi getting it on. They are deeply in love and Percy suggests the two run away together but Sersi reminds him that they both have their duties to uphold. They return to court, only to be met by a familiar sight: Kingo, Ikarus and Gilgamesh stand before the King, claiming that they are knights from a foreign land, come to fulfil a quest. The King is doubtful, but Sersi manipulates him into letting them stay.
Once alone, Sersi asks what the others were doing there and Ikarus explains that they were hunting down one of the Deviants who had escaped Thena's laboratory. Sersi agrees to help and the King decides to send Sir Percy to aid them on their quest. The group make their way across the land to find the Deviant, who closely resembles a werewolf, and go to fight the creature. The deviant is clearly in great pain and the fight is hard. Sir Percy goes in for the killing blow but is struck down as he stabs the deviant. He falls to the ground and smiles up at Sersi. He notes that they will meet again, in this life or the next. Sersi is distraught and the other Eternals attempt to comfort her but she pushes them away, angrily telling them that this would never have happened if it wasn't for them. She renounces her role as an Eternal and tells them never to seek her out again. Unsure what else to do, the men leave Sersi to grieve.
Episode 5 - Conflict The remaining Eternals: Ajak, Gilgamesh, Phastos, Ikarus, Kingo, Sprite and Makkari meet up. Ajak explains that the second world war is upon them and that there is no way they can stop it at this point. They try to decide what they can do, whether to choose a side or remain neutral and wait to see what happens. Ajak, Sprite and Gilgamesh wish to remain neutral while Ikarus, Kingo, Phastos and Makkari all wish to help the allies. Phastos notes that he has been designing planes for the Americans to use, while Ikarus and Kingo have signed up for the British and Indian armies respectively. Makkari wishes to help but women are unable to sign up to fight, leaving her angered.
From here, the episode serves as a mini war story with the Eternals discovering that Hydra had captured a deviant and were using the creature's DNA to mutate their soldiers into horrific monsters. Ikarus, Kingo and Makkari agree to attack the Hydra facility to take the deviant with Phastos providing support. As they go,they are joined by Ajak who is unhappy with the interference but agrees they have a duty to clean up Thena's mess. They get into the facility, defeat the guards and find the deviant. Ikarus is ready to kill the creature but Makkari refuses, stating that the creature had done nothing wrong. They argue and Ajak attempts to calm them down, only to be interrupted as she screams out in pain, having been shot with some weird prototype weapon by a Hydra agent. Ikarus attacks the Hydra agent while Kingo and Makkari go to help Ajak but it's too late and she dies in their arms. Makkari is shocked but Kingo becomes angry. He begins to charge up his energy, more than any of his energy projections prior as he starts to glow. He tells the others to leave, claiming that he plans to blow the facility to pieces. However, Makkari realises that blowing up the facility would kill not only those inside the facility, but the village it had been built under. She attempts to stop Kingo but he fights her off, and it's only after Ikarus arrives again that they are able to restrain Kingo. The episode ends with him being contained alongside Thena and Druig.
Episode 6 - Endgame It's the present day, a year after the Blip. We're in an apartment in New York City. We see Sersi and someone who looks suspiciously like Sir Percy. We learn his name is Dane Whitman. The two are laughing and snuggling together when there's a knock on the door. Sersi goes to answer, only to be met by a young girl. Sersi squints, looking at the girl. "Do I know you?" The girl speaks a single word "Remember." and suddenly it all comes back to her.
We then go back to the early 2000's with all the remaining Eternals: Ikarus, Makkari, Phastos, and Sprite. They seem nervous as Phastos knocks on a door to a remote house in the wilderness. The door is opened to reveal Sersi. She is immediately angry, saying that she never wanted to see them again. Phastos claims they need to speak, not allowing her to slam the door. Sersi sighs and invites them inside. They sit and talk. Sersi asks where the others were and they all look sad. That's when Sprite speaks up, explaining that the others were gone, either dead or lost to the Mahd Wy’ry, with Gilgamesh being the latest victim of the mysterious disease. Sersi is saddened by this but tries to hide it, asking if they had just come to tell her that. Phastos speaks up again, saying that the Mahd Wy’ry could come for any of them now and that their time is almost up. They muse upon what they could do to stop it or if they even should. This comes to an end as Sprite claims that she knows how to fix it. She notes that the Mahd Wy’ry would only affect Eternals, so the solution would simply be to not be Eternal. The others are shocked but she continues, explaining that, if they lost their memories, they would be able to start over and the risk of the Mahd Wy’ry. However, she notes one would have to retain their memories in order to properly wipe the others' minds. They all argue that they should be the sacrifice but Sprite smiles sadly, noting that they didn't have a choice, and with that she makes them all forget.
Back in the present day, Sersi is confused as to why Sprite had made her remember now. Sprite explains that while the others had all lived their lives freely, she had been researching their fallen compatriots. She explains that, rather than a mistake in their design, the Mahd Wy’ry was their design. Their purpose was to protect the planet, not humanity, and that certain advancements in civilisation would lead the Mahd Wy’ry to cause them to turn on the humans. Sersi is shocked by this and asks why the Celestials would do such a thing. Sprite grimly explains that it was because Earth isn't a planet, it's an incubator for a Celestial child and after the child is grown, Earth will be destroyed as it is 'born'. Sersi still doesn't believe it but Sprite seems confident, stating that the events of the Blip created a huge surge of cosmic power, speeding up the birthing process. She explains that a ship was on its way to enact the final procedure, dooming the Earth unless they stop it. Sersi asks why the Avengers can't handle it and Sprite laughs, saying that the Avengers were children. They'd just get in the way. Sersi looks back to Dane, then to Sprite and wistfully agrees to help. Sprite smiles and nods and they make their way to their next stop.
With that information out of the way, Sersi, Sprite and Dane stop by Phastos and Makkari's houses. Phastos is a brilliant architect and Makkari a champion runner. Then we go to find Ikarus who Sprite has tracked to a mental institute. They go to see him and discover that the mind wipe had only partially worked on him. He still retained many of his memories that had been mistaken for delusions. From there, they decide to break him out and there's a short scene where that happens before Sprite returns his memories.
From there, they agree to confront the Celestials' emissary and make their way to Egypt to find the craft that had originally brought the second wave of Eternals to Earth. Using their powers, Sersi and Phastos are able to get the ship working again and they get ready to leave. Sersi says a tearful goodbye to Dane and they embrace before the Eternals leave on the ship.
Episode 7 - Humanity We start this episode where the last one ended, the Eternals' ship flying up to meet with the Celestial emissary. The Eternals argue over what their plan actually is. Makkari wants to fight while Phastos believes they may be able to talk the situation out. Ikarus is sullen, staring out of the window down at the Earth and Sersi is still upset about things, thinking about the strange similarities between Sir Percy and Dane. Sprite seems nervous. Clearly there's something she hadn't told the others but they're all too busy lost in their own heads to notice. As we continue, a huge ship appears from behind the Moon, looming over the Eternals. Phastos grimly looks up and notes that this is probably what they're after, causing them all to go silent in awe.
They float closer to the ship and eventually get pulled up into it. The enormous golden structure is ornate but seems abandoned as they walk through, until the Eternals start noticing bits and pieces of machinery around the place, signs of battle. They continue onwards until they reach the bridge where they are met by a surprisingly normal-looking figure, a young, attractive man. He smiles and introduces himself as Eros before asking if these new Eternals would be more worthy than the last. The Eternals are confused by this and Eros presses a button, revealing the beaten and imprisoned forms of Thena, Gilgamesh, Kingo and Druig. The others are shocked but Sprite looks away, clearly guilty. Phastos is angry, asking what she did and Sprite sadly admits that reawakening the other Eternals was not her first plan. With that, we flashback as Sprite narrates.
After discovering the Eternals' purpose on Earth and learning of the approaching emissary, Sprite knew she had to do something. She had long since given up on curing the Mahd Wy'ry, believing the damage to be too much. So, instead, she decided to weaponise it. She worked to manipulate the minds of the former Eternals over years, crafting them into weapons she could use before sending them up in the ship the first Eternals used to arrive on Earth. However, when there was no response, she went to find those who remained. The others are clearly disgusted by her actions but Sprite attempts to defend herself, claiming that they had all agreed to protect the Earth and humanity, no matter the cost.
Eros laughs at this, claiming that humanity wasn't worth saving, that without the Eternals' guidance, the species would have fizzled away long ago. He smugly notes that his brother was right about one thing, at least, in trying to end their pathetic existence.
Before this can be pushed further, another voice speaks up and, as the Eternals part, we see Dane Whitman. At this point, he gives an impassioned speech about how humanity can suck sometimes, but so can Eternals. So can anyone. The important thing is the choices we make as individuals, to make the world better for all. Eros just laughs at this, claiming that humanity were nothing but parasites, living off a greater lifeform. At this point, Ikarus, who had been silent thus far, speaks up and agrees. He steps forward, walking over to Eros. He notes that this was their destiny, their design. They weren't supposed to save humanity. They were supposed to do something greater, serving the Celestials themselves. The others are upset and battle breaks out with Eros and Ikarus standing against Sersi, Phastos, Makkari, Sprite and Dane. Despite being outnumbered, Eros and Ikarus are clearly doing well. Makkari is able to take on Ikarus, at least as a distraction, while the rest fight Eros. Eros is incredibly powerful, using a variety of techniques to keep the Eternals at bay, but Sprite is able to slip through his defences to attack him. This knocks him off-guard and Eros swings his blade at Sprite, only for Dane to dive in the way, blocking the attack.
Eros pulls back in surprise, seeing the human sacrifice himself for the Eternal. He seems genuinely shocked by this and Phastos uses the opportunity to knock him out. Sersi stares at Dane's dying body in shock, breaking out of her stupor to tell the others to help Makkari, who is losing ground against Ikarus. Phastos, Sprite and Makkari are able to work together to stop Ikarus, at which point we go back to Sersi, kneeling beside Dane in a scene very reminiscent of Sir Percy's death. However, this time, Sersi refuses. Her hands start to glow as she presses them against Dane's chest and his wound starts to knit back together. His eyes glow gold as the Eternal's power fills him and he breathes once again as he's healed, pulling Sersi into a hug. The two embrace and the remaining Eternals take Eros and Ikarus to be imprisoned in the cells beside the Mahd Wy'ry Eternals. Sersi looks at them all and smiles, softly. They did it. They saved the world. Sprite looks around at the ship, noting that there was room for all of them and that they needed a new mission now that their previous one was over. Makarri points out that Sprite owes the others the chance to be brought back and the two agree to stay on the ship. Phastos decides he doesn't want to do this anymore. He just wants a quiet life with his family on Earth. At that point, Sersi must decide whether to help the remaining Eternals or return to Earth with Dane. She obviously chooses Dane, deciding to become a hero in her own right. They say their goodbyes and split up, with Dane, Sersi and Phastos returning to Earth and Sprite and Makarri staying to look after Thena, Gilgamesh, Druig, Kingo and Ikarus, as well as Eros, as they travel the galaxy, looking for other Eternals on other planets.
Those going back to Earth return home and Phastos and Sersi say their goodbyes. Post-credit scene reveals a Celestial awakening as they learn of Eros' failure.
So, there's a lot to discuss here, honestly. I remixed a lot of the Eternals lore to fit better conceptually with what I'm going for. I also 'killed off' a lot of the characters with the Mahd Wr'ry concept, although they can easily come back later. I think it's more interesting if the Eternals are whittled down over time and it helps put focus on characters people actually care about. I changed the big bad guy, switching out Eros for whichever Celestial they went for. There's a few reasons for this:

  1. Celestials are big. Like, not just physically but in terms of their power level. I haven't watched Eternals so I can't comment on how they treated the Celestial there, but having a team defeat one on their first outing is pretty much world-breaking. For reference, in the comics, when this celestial first came to Earth, Odin, Zeus and apparently Vishnu joined up to fight him off. Literal gods. The Eternals are tough, but not that tough. Especially when they're at less than half their full power with all the losses they took in my story.
  2. It avoids all the weirdness about how I guess there's just a giant Celestial floating around near Earth now? And a giant hand and head coming out of the Earth? We really don't need to think about that.
  3. It introduces Eros as a villain who is going to turn around and be humanised as a hero in the future. Maybe. Sort of. I was actually looking for a candidate to serve as a Herald of the Celestials, when I found out that the Titans (Eros, Thanos, ect) were created in the same way as the Eternals, so I thought it would be a neat mirror. Plus they already had him cast and in the movie so…
  4. Lastly, it builds the Celestials up better. It's the classic Galactus/Silver Surfer plot. If Eros is this strong and is just a servant of the Celestials, what are they like?
On top of that, I also focused more on a Dane/Sersi relationship and completely scrapped the idea of her getting with Ikarus because, honestly, why would you? I also think it's more interesting having Dane and Percy as sort of echoes of one another through time and the weird connotations that go with that. But, anyway, this is already really long so I'll end it there.
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2022.01.27 09:35 TypicalAlbatross4297 [Actives] I have run several tubs and none ever looked like this colonizing is this contaminated? Help please .

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2022.01.27 09:35 Solid-Mountain-2930 6 years old future World Chess Champion VS 1900 chess player on chess.com

Next Magnus maybe?
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