Watch "N.Y State of mind/Power - Kanye West and Nas" on YouTube. Please give it a try

2022.01.27 08:10 Specialist-Bee6902 Watch "N.Y State of mind/Power - Kanye West and Nas" on YouTube. Please give it a try

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2022.01.27 08:10 demonology26 Is it legal to sell supermarket branded items on my website?

Can I add supermarket brand items on my website, then have my own personal shoppers do the deliveries for customers? Or would I need permission from the supermarkets?
How do companies like Postmates include stores without permission?
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2022.01.27 08:10 libertyman77 Finding a driving test date and and available instructor

I failed my driving test last fall and would like to pass it soon. Problem being I don't have an instructor anymore, and there basically are none with availability in my area until July/August. I don't have access to a car that I could use for the test.
I was thinking about finding somewhere else in the UK where I could book both a driving test and a driving instructor. Money and time is not really an issue, I would be happy to go on a trip anywhere for a few days.
The issue I'm having though, is finding a DTC with availability that is also in an area with available instructors. I'm guessing London would likely be the easiest to find an available instructor, but hardest to find a test date - while smaller places are probably opposite. I've been using theaa website for finding driving instructors mostly, as they have calendars showing availability so I don't have to e-mail individual ones and wait for response.
Do you guys have any ideas of how to go about this? Where would the best places be? Do you know of any areas with a lot of driving instructor availability? Are there any other good websites for finding instructors? Is this stupid, should I just wait till there is availability in my area?
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2022.01.27 08:10 Aphranida I want to find the person behind Groundskor - Alien Dreamtime

So this... Is for various, sentimental reasons one of the greatest experiences I've ever had with dubstep. It came out pretty late, the fad was almost over - and it renewed the whole thing for me. I still listen to it sometimes. Love the visuals. I actually want to use both the video and the sound in my TikToks, and I need permission to do so. Does anyone know where to find this person? I've googled - no luck. No contact info or -methods on the YouTube channel.
If anyone know, please let me know!
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2022.01.27 08:10 kingkong_ [W] Surprise me [H] Free Award

Award doesn't matter. Comment here first.
Award pinned post
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2022.01.27 08:10 Jass0727 Help with this laziness!!

I (21m) think that i am laziest person alive. I stay at home all day. I work in warehouse 4 days a week, i mean i m supposed to work 4 days but i work only 2 or 3 days and spend rest of the days at home. Sometimes due to low volume work get canceled. I feel happy at that moment but i need money but still i give priority to comfort. Today I woke up and didn’t wanted to go to work so I created a new e mail and send a mail to my main account that my work today was canceled( I copied an old mail that i got from work about canceling of work). I did this so that i can show my girlfriend that my shift was canceled and so i can stay at home. so now its my 5th day at home straight. Last week i made excuses that i have this headache, before that week the excuse was my alarm didn’t work etc.,so that I don’t have to work and I can stay at home. When i wake up everyday first I think about all the things i can do by staying at home like watching movies, youtube, games or i can sleep more as compared to going to work. I m depressed. I need help! Any advice would work.
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2022.01.27 08:10 bassamopa I wanna ✨die✨

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2022.01.27 08:10 gabsahamnida Joining the "This Deck Got Me To *insert rank here*" bandwagon

Joining the I know theres hella people posting about their decks that got them to \insert rank here** but I just wanted to share mine as well since I'm really happy that I got to plat with this.
*for future people asking, most of the cards in my extra deck are fodder for when I use Pot of Prosperity
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2022.01.27 08:10 Pleasant_Net1058 Solid Project that you're Looking For is Here!

If you are looking for a solid project with strong fundamentals you should definitely take a look at MICROPETS. It is on the BSC network but definitely fits what youre looking for.
It's only 3 months old, the team has KYC'd with pinksale.
These are the reasons why I think Micropets would be a good fit for you:

check out Micropets!
Website: Subreddit:
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2022.01.27 08:10 WitShortage Kaspersky blocking Kawpow but flagging as cmd.exe, please help

Kaspersky blocking Kawpow but flagging as cmd.exe, please help I did some RVN mining last year, but switched to mine-ETH-buy-RVN as it was getting me better results.
However, I think the pendulum has swung again and I want to mine RVN directly. I'm using the "spare" time on my gaming rig GPU, hence am mining through Windows.
When I was mining RVN previously, I had Bitdefender AV, but I've dumped that because it was annoying me. I've moved to Kaspersky, which has been better, but...
I have the Kawpow miner downloaded, and I have added it to the exceptions list in Kaspersky. I have a batch file that launches Kawpow with the pool settings. When I run this through an admin-level command prompt, the command prompt says "access denied" and quits immediately. If I run the Kawpow executable with no arguments, it loads and tells me there are no arguments specified (so it looks like I can actually run the executable).
Kaspersky logs a threat not in "kawpowminer.exe", but in "cmd.exe". I'm not sure I want to add the entire command processor to the exceptions list, but also when I toggle the various Kaspersky features on & off, I still get the issue. Also, I have manually added an outbound allow rule in Windows Defender firewall.
Do any of you know what I'm doing wrong, what step I've missed? Cheers!
The following is logged in Kaspersky:
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2022.01.27 08:10 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 5 votes

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2022.01.27 08:10 Free_Grapefruit_5038 I asked her out and i got this weird response

We have been seeing eachother for a while. I asked her if she has plans this weekend and i got the response ‘Normally not’.
How do i respond to this?
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2022.01.27 08:10 ZoolShop Treasury yields are mixed following Fed decision

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2022.01.27 08:10 jrodriguez32 Daniel Levy in any negotiation with a reasonable price being asked

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2022.01.27 08:10 TBM_Parry 1,000 LK/AT/Pindleskin + 200 Mephisto/Andariel runs

So, I decided to do 1,000 farming runs. To make it more fun, I logged my efforts.
I started as a 91 sorceress:
With an inventory full of MF% charms, I came out to 579% MF. Over the course of this I got a few upgrades - just small ones, like a better Gheed's or small charms. I didn't get any major upgrades (i.e. no Tal Rasha's Guardianship). By the end of it, I had 614% MF.
I didn't list any rune under a Pul. Any other drops that I recorded I found in some way noteworthy; rare, good, or interesting.
The cycle started as p8 LK, p3 Mephisto, p3 Andariel, p1 AT, p1 Pindleskin. However, after 200 runs I decided that I wanted to focus just on LK, AT, and Pindleskin. So, the cycle became p8 LK, p1 AT, p1 Pindleskin.

Run Lower Kurast Ancient Tunnels Pindleskin Mephisto Andariel
4 Gull
6 Gore Rider*
8 Seraph's Hymn
28 Gore Rider
31 Doombringer
33 Wraith Flight
37 Gheed's Fortune*
43 Herald of Zakarum
51 M'avina's Embrace Nagelring*
57 Skullder's Ire
62 Thundergod's Vigor
67 Um
74 Head Hunter's Glory
84 Stoneraven
86 Guillaume's Face
104 Rainbow Facet*
108 Stoneraven
115 Arioc's Needle, Atma's Scarab
122 Harlequin Crest
126 GC
127 Tal Rasha's Adjudication
139 Greyform
140 Raven Frost
151 Mal
157 Heaven's Light
164 Guillaume's Face
166 GC
169 Raven Frost
173 Lycander's Aim
178 Stoneraven
183 Stoneraven
187 Ohm
196 Wolfhowl*
200 Rainbow Facet*
211 Wizardspike
235 Pul
250 Um
259 String of Ears
265 Shaftstop
313 Guardian Angel*
322 Mara's Kaleidoscope*
330 Lo
336 Ber*
340 Um
360 Ist*
441 Natalya's Mark
449 Nature's Peace* Darkforce Spawn*
463 M'avina's Embrace
464 SC
469 Um
476 Gul*
529 SC
531 Atma's Scarab
572 GC
576 GC
590 GC
619 Mara's Kaleidoscope*
646 GC
652 GC
666 Herald of Zakarum*
681 Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
686 Pul
691 GC
698 Steelrend*
715 Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
744 SC
749 Reaper's Toll
753 Crown of Ages*
758 Sur
759 White Diadem*
773 Jewel*
802 Ohm
805 Pul
809 Pul
821 Rare Ring*
826 Sandstorm Trek
865 Pul
868 Shaftstop
870 GC
885 Sandstorm Trek
886 Nosferatu's Coil
903 Steel Carapace
905 GC
921 Um
937 GC
943 Gore Riders
945 Executioner's Justice
969 GC
977 Lycander's Aim
979 Dracul's Grasp
985 Wraith Flight
992 Griswold's Honor
Grand Charms
GC126 +1 Shadow Disciplines, GC166 +1 Fire Skills (Sorc), GC572 +30% Fire Resist, GC576 +1 Summoning (Druid), GC590 +1 Summoning (Necro), GC646 +1 Bow/Crossbow, GC652 +1 Traps, GC691 +1 Summoning (Druid), GC905 +1 Warcries, GC937 +28% Cold Resist, GC969 +1 Combat (Paladin).
Small Charms
SC464 +11% Lightning Resist, SC529 +11% Fire Resist, SC744 +11% Fire Resist.
Items of Note
Gore Rider(6): Ethereal
Gheed's Fortune(37): 40% MF
Nagelring(51): 30% MF
Rainbow Facet(104): Poison +5/-5/Die
Wolfhowl(196): +2WC/+5F+4L/+3WW/+13S/+9D/+15V
Rainbow Facet(200): Poison +3/-4/Die
Guardian Angel(313): 199% Enhanced Defense
Mara's Kaleidoscope(322, 619): +20
Darkforce Spawn(449): +3/+3/+3
Nature's Peace(449): 29%, 11
Herald of Zakarum(666[nice]): +192%
Steelrend(698): +46%, +20
White Diadem(759): Given to Charsi to imbue: +2 Combat (Paladin), 8% Mana Steal, +14 Dexterity, +40% Fire Resist.
Jewel(773): +39% Enhanced Damage, +8 Dexterity
Rare Ring(821): +113 Attack Rating, 4% Life Steal, +37 Life, Replenish Life +7, All Resistances +4, 8% MF
TC87 items: Darkforce Spawn, Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge, Crown of Ages, Executioner's Justice, Steelrend, Natalya's Mark, and Griswold's Honor.
Gale Circlet: +2 Druid Skills, +30% Enhanced Damage, +8 Life, Damage Reduced by 4, +21 Poison Damage over 4
Hailstone Shell: +2 Druid Skills, 5% Life Steal, +22 Strength, +33 Mana, All Resistances +19
Cruel Shell: +2 Assassin Skills, +8 Min damage, 7% Life Steal, All Resistances +16, Magic Damage Reduced by 3
Beast Circlet: +2 Necromancer Skills, +23 Life, All Resistances +19
Ist(360) and Gul(476) were both from stashes near the LK chests, but not the LK chests themselves.
Finally, Ber(336): There were two locked LK chests and I had run out of keys. I opted to go to town to get some keys and come back. The Ber was in one of those chests.
Total rune count: Pul 5, Um 5, Mal 1, Ist 1, Gul 1, Ohm 2, Lo 1, Sur 1, Ber 1
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2022.01.27 08:10 disasterswife Found on the austrian flea market site "willhaben". For just 50€ you can buy these two beautiful atrocities.

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2022.01.27 08:10 display_solution Order For Trade Show Stands | Unique And Ideal Quality | Display Solution | Canada

In your quest to succeed with your next tradeshow exhibit, we know you are going to need to outfit your booth with backwalls, signage, and furniture and trade show stands to make your trade show booth an inviting place for attendees. We offer categories by size, such as 8' and 10' displays, 20’ inline displays.
Package Includes and Features
47”W x 78”H full-color print
LightWeight and Durable Silver Aluminum Base comes with Back Pole
High-Resolution Graphic Print (SoFlat Vinyl)
13oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner Material,Anti-curl and tear-resistant
Padded Nylon Carrying bag
1 Year warranty
Contact Us
Display Solution
Address- 30 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit #5 Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 4A5
Contact no- 1-888-285-9505
Email Address-
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2022.01.27 08:10 mr_mike099 How do we know if Methuselah Foundation doesn't sell their 43% ?

What i have in memory is that they said their plan is to hold for another year or so. That means they could sell their Elon and use the money... Can we really trust them?
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2022.01.27 08:10 mrdenizkrtl Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Friday practice, 2018

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2022.01.27 08:10 Arezwar Levi's potential element type

I'm gonna guess that Levi will be earth elemental damage type. Though I really hope he is neutral. Check out Levi's duster in the shop. Might be a hint to what we can expect.
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2022.01.27 08:10 RESQCz5018 20yoM consumes at least 15-30 Standard drinks a day

I’m 20 years old and I have been drinking since around 13 and became a heavy drinker around the age of 16 but became extremely bad around 18 consuming well over 100 standard drinks a week now I’m trying to go sober clean turkey how dangerous is this I’ve been sober 3 days now
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2022.01.27 08:10 Dominish 10 Self-Pub Fantasy Books I Want to Read in 2022

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2022.01.27 08:10 LukaGrunt Can anyone teach me how to put the link in between the title and pic like this?
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2022.01.27 08:10 LappyPlayz Recycle Bin.

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2022.01.27 08:10 HASIB_ROUDINI Devs... Plaese help me a mother fucker coming in my account and changing my nameee.... All my rename cards are ended...🥺🥺 and he deleted all my friends.. please send me rename cards or tell me how can i get one or my friends will leave me😢😢😭

Devs... Plaese help me a mother fucker coming in my account and changing my nameee.... All my rename cards are ended...🥺🥺 and he deleted all my friends.. please send me rename cards or tell me how can i get one or my friends will leave me😢😢😭 submitted by HASIB_ROUDINI to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]