Can't add a 5th gpu to my rig

2022.01.27 08:12 DoruSonic Can't add a 5th gpu to my rig

I have an old board (asus AM1M-A) that I've been using for a rig. It has 3 pcie slots
I bought a pcie splitter specific for mining ( and it works when I have 4 cards connected. Doesn't matter if all 4 are connected to the splitter (using a single pcie lane) or 3 on the splitter and 1 on another pcie slot. All cards on risers
However, when I had a fifth card, the rig won't boot. The "press F2 for bios" appears but doesn't matter if I click F2 or not, black screen. I tried different combinations with 4 cards and it works, so all cards are working, the problem really seems to be having 5 gpus at once
The motherboard does not have a 4g enconding option, nor an option to set pcie gen. Tried to disabling most usb ports, serial and parallel ports, hd audio, svm and nothing. Is there anything I'm missing?
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2022.01.27 08:12 DrLove039 6 months in the field and now I have to take a 2 month 'sabbatical' for being the lowest earner

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2022.01.27 08:12 jubmille2000 Published on YouTube: 【檜山沙耶】24歳の誕生日 あれれれ

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2022.01.27 08:12 lgryders Wrong public ip hotspotty

When i look at one of my miner status is says its relayed. I know its not since the local dashboard says its good and port is open with static ip. I then did a real time check and noticed that its looking for it on the wrong public ip address that it auto populates. If i switch it to the correct public ip its fine. Is there a way to change that value somewhere in hotspotty or will it eventually update automatically. its been prob around 3-4 days.
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2022.01.27 08:12 Lundsfryd A series of jungle themed kids songs illustrations

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2022.01.27 08:12 Ludo2003 Beyond the Club: Management Cosplay or Leadership Opportunity?

This topic might have readers scratching their heads and wondering why I associate with TM if I’m so sceptical of its ‘core’ adverted offering. Therefore, I believe it best to start by stressing that I love TM at the club level. It is in these interpersonal connections, where people are listened to, actively supported and directly encouraged, that the true value of TM is to be found.
However, if I look beyond this to the sprawling, ‘corporate’, hierarchical structure outside clubs it looks to me like an uneasy mix of MLM empire building and a soft-play management ball-pit. Semi-humorous caricatures aside I can absolutely see the value of/need for a volunteer-driven engine of club creation and dissemination. I’ve already stated I love clubs and so I’m clearly not opposed to more of them being around to increase the good that can be done. I also can’t deny the leadership that goes into founding a club (although 99% of this is at Club level). However, outside this I’ve found the interactions to be functional and bureaucratic, reminiscent of a call centre worker running through their checklist/script regardless of the issue (have you completed X? have you done Y?).
I would like to emphasise that I’m not seeking to attack administrative roles. In every organisation I’ve been part of good administration is vital to success, I will always support the continual development of such skills and its very telling that it’s the key letter in the much-coveted MBA (where is your MBL at?). What I take exception to is the obfuscation of this useful and important activity and skill-set under the mantle of ‘leadership’.
Which leads me to my question. I’m fully aware that my experience may not be representative. Having spent much of my career in Management and Leadership roles it can be difficult to recall the first steps on the journey which TM may indeed be offering. I’m therefore asking if other established Toastmasters might provide some concrete examples where they’ve experienced real leadership development within TM outside of club positions.
TL;DR TM Leadership – real opportunity or MLM fudge?
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2022.01.27 08:12 ittybityprettykitty May I lick you ?

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2022.01.27 08:12 grant837 Automation for re-assigning photos from one folder to another

Hi, it sounds like an old question, but from what I found, no one really asked this specifically.
I accidentally imported 1700 photo's into my root pictures folder in Lightroom. Normally I import into a daily file structure. I want to move those 1700 photos into the correct day directory.
As you can imagine, the usual 'select-drag-drop' approach is not ideal in regards to time management.
Is there any way to automate this process. I had hoped that Lightroom would have a 'bulk re-organize' command, that would basically 're-import' images but from inside Liwghtroom so we do not have to worry about loosing our edits/metadata.
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2022.01.27 08:12 Dajjal_al-FBC Black Betty, from Birmingham, finally tells Neil Young that he is not needed around, anyhow.

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2022.01.27 08:12 yioloi 25 Free super likes

If you use my invite link and register with it we both get 25 free super likes :)
Thanks in advance i guess lol
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2022.01.27 08:12 mrdenizkrtl Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Friday practice, 2018

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2022.01.27 08:12 jubmille2000 Published on YouTube: ゆかさやクロス

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2022.01.27 08:12 AmazingGain CAPITALIST HOLOCAUST: Timeline US Atrocities/Death Tolls

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2022.01.27 08:12 ereddsIsNotHere Imagine using the wrong map 🤡

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2022.01.27 08:12 WillJohnathann I'm close

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2022.01.27 08:12 cloctor 北京冬奥 外交抵制和现身相挺的都有谁?

北京冬奥 外交抵制和现身相挺的都有谁?
2008年,时任美国总统的小布什夫妇和当时担任俄罗斯总理的普京同台,地点就是北京夏季奥运会的开幕式。一起在鸟巢看烟火的还有时任法国总统的萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)、澳大利亚总理陆克文(Kevin Rudd)和日本首相福田康夫。
八国官宣外交抵制 立陶宛开第一枪
开外交抵制第一枪的其实是东欧波罗地海国家立陶宛。立陶宛也是欧洲联盟国家中,首个宣布外交抵制北京冬奥的国家。去年12月3日,立陶宛总统瑙塞达(Gitanas Nauseda)表示,他和内阁部长都不会出席北京冬奥会。立陶宛去年允许台北以台湾为名,开设驻立陶宛办事处后,中立关系就已处于外交降级的背景下,立陶宛的决定并不令人意外。
柔性抵制 日德不派官方代表
德国也采取和日本同样的立场,也就是不说外交抵制、但会这么做。爱沙尼亚则是考量“政治因素”,总统卡里斯(Alar Karis)不会出席北京冬奥。
中国外交部发言人赵立坚25日在例行记者会上证实,中国的传统友好邻邦柬埔寨将由国王西哈莫尼(Norodom Sihamoni)代表出席北京冬奥开幕式。赵立坚说,“西哈莫尼是中国人民的老朋友”。
欧洲方面,波兰总统杜达(Andrzej Duda)是欧盟目前唯一确定将出席北京冬奥会的元首。其他国家还有阿根廷、蒙古国、巴基斯坦与哈萨克斯坦国的元首会出席。
马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)去年底说,外交抵制北京冬奥的做法“效果不大”,不应把奥运“政治化”,他更乐于与国际奥委会(IOC)合作保护运动员,而非象征性的抵制。

RFA 2022.01.25 郑崇生
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2022.01.27 08:12 i_fuckd_ur_mother I’m still alive, this is surprising

If I make it to 5am then well I’m gonna live I guess
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2022.01.27 08:12 SigmaWarNardo Webstore

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2022.01.27 08:12 shalli test

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2022.01.27 08:12 i_should_be_revising UK Tour Rescheduling Info?

Just wondering if anyone has any idea when we'll know the rescheduled times of the Autumn UK dates? I'm from Cambridge but at uni in York so idek whether to get Manchester tickets, wait for Leeds tickets, refund my Cambs tickets or what lol. Tbh my my uni housemates, my friend from home and my Dad all like them so I'll probably end up going to two shows anyway ahah. But atm idek when the new dates will be (ie. which city I'll be in) or what the availability is (Leeds was sold out in the Autumn but i guess there might be more tix up for the rescheduled one??).
Not a big deal anyhow, just thought I'd check if there was any info. Haven't seen them since accidentally finding myself at a Nervous Conditions show in 2017 and I really want that to change soooon lol. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 08:12 mastheace26 If you remember Giga Clank you had a good childhood

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2022.01.27 08:12 GwadaLuvM0n3y $SDC projections are due to improve following OpEx strategy improvement catalyst. What are your views? 33.35% short percentage of float.

$SDC anyone expecting Analysts to release new EPS and PT estimates following this week's news on OpEx strategy improvement? Volume is 40% higher than usual and big buys, I see (probably institutions as well as retail).
Short percentage of float is 33.35% and institutions own 41% of the float.
Could this act as mini catalyst? What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.27 08:12 ThePosse_ IS THAT PIKACHU?? WITH A GUN?? | Palworld Trailer Reaction

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2022.01.27 08:12 Tengurai The bread faction is rising, I have put multiple bombs in in the soviet onion. I live in Area 982 in the soviet onion’s territories. Onions, try and get me, I will sit and wait while the bombs go off. The non-plane genocide equivalent of the kamikaze.

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2022.01.27 08:12 xavbabs SUB 4 SUB

Here's a link to my channel: please watch a few videos then subscribe so you can stay permanent! I'll return the favor so please drop your own links
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